Well its your fearless non leader leader. I guess I should put up some more pics with made up names. I will introduce you to a few more of our team members.

This is Judge Elihu Smails. Why Smails.. well he is hot tempered and dose not make a lot of sense most of the time. Oh and looks down on most people.

It almost looks like he is going to make it up that rock.. and on the first time.. Well no.. thats only like the 10th time he tried it... I bet him a 1000 dollars he could not do it... he told me he owed me nothing.. . Go figure.

So who's next you ask? Well this person should not be hanging out with us at all.. We are just way to low rent and she is.... or at least she is around us way to up town... But all that said she is still on the team and is here to stay.

This is Lacey Underall. I hear that she is great off the spring board.

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