Hi there its your good friend Ty. So this just in.. Landahl kicked my ass. This is what happens when you are riding really strong... In low light.. on a trail you dont know.

There was a lot more blood at first... Sweat does a good job cleaning yourself off. But it was really good. The trail Tasty Goodness got a good taste of me.

Anyway about landahl. Its one of the best trails I have been on. I was prepared to think the hype was just that hype. But its got all the things that I like. 1. it flows great. 2. its got some good tech stuff but it does not slow you down to much.. Unless of course you biff it.

I cant wait to have to drive to KC again for 15 mins of work so I can ride this trail again. Sounds like there is lots more to see. I cant wait.

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TeamSeagal said...

mmm... blooood...

-C. Ryback