Leadville or bust.

Ok so here we are. It's January and the training has started. I find it both exciting and scary to be going down this path to Leadville.
But we are going to make it. We just need to find out if we have made it in to the race. We will know that around the middle of feburary. So tick tock it's on now



Yep the gang is heading over to do the

I am sure it will not be the smartest thing I have ever done but it will hurt lots so that means its fun... Right? OH well its better then work I guess.

At first Smails was going to do a team even but once hearing that the rest of Team Spackler was doing the solo 6 he realized that his dick was pretty small and is now doing the solo 6 as well.

Side note.... Ok there are somethings I just cant stand. Yes I know you all are surprised that me your lovable Ty lets things get under his skin.. but it happens. So here is the situation. Say your on the top of a tall office building.. Your only goal at this point is to get out of said hell hole. You get in the elevator and press one. Of course on the next damn floor it stops. This of course is no big deal... after all you figure that they are running from this 7th layer of hell just like you.. BUT NO... They ride the damn thing for one floor.... ONE FLOOR... Are you telling me that in the 15 mins that you waited for the door to open you could now walk your HUGH government cheese eating ass down one flight of stairs..

I know that i am not the only one that feels this way because I can fell the seething hate come from the rest of the people in this steel yo-yo. But what are you going to do... get a shovel and a bag of lime.. thats what I say.. But at least I am not gelling


Another new guy

This guy is the The Bishop... What is that you ask.. Well lets look at reason 1. He has produced so many off spring that the Pope himself declared that him an honorary Bishop, do to him helping the Catholic cause so much with the mass influx of followers. (I have no idea if the Bishop is really Catholic)

Reason 2. He drinks like a Catholic... So why not.


Clothing update.

I there... I am taking a page from our "other" teams clothing system and will be giving random updates how the clothing order is not going anywhere at all..

Up to now I have 3 solid pencile sketches on paper now.... I will know something about beer this week one way or another.

Other then that jack and shit have been done. If you dont like it.


In the mid-19th century, Frederick Miller decides he wants to live the high life. So he brings his passion and knowledge of brewing to the United States from Germany. He Buys a brewery in Milwaukee and starts brewing using local hops, barley and a unique brewer's yeast he brought when he emigrated from Germany.

1903, Miller High Life hits the shelves and is soon known as the "champagne of bottle beer."

Fast forward to the Age of Prohibition (a very non high life-like era). Miller ceases its beer making and produces a brand of malt syrup. Fortunately, the 18th Amendment is soon repealed and the High Life is back once on again.

In 1971, the world is introduced to "Miller Time" and Miller High Life becomes one of America's best-loved beers. And since then it has ranked in the top 10 beer brands sold nationally and won numerous accolades.



I think when Judge Smails said "Some people just dont belong" I think he was talking about new team mate "Tony D'Annunzio." Why are we calling him that.. Well just look and see.

If your saying to yourself that "Gee I cant see shit..." Well just shut your mouth and trust me they look very much alike. And I never want to have another discussion about how much they look alike.


Hi there its your good friend Ty. So this just in.. Landahl kicked my ass. This is what happens when you are riding really strong... In low light.. on a trail you dont know.

There was a lot more blood at first... Sweat does a good job cleaning yourself off. But it was really good. The trail Tasty Goodness got a good taste of me.

Anyway about landahl. Its one of the best trails I have been on. I was prepared to think the hype was just that hype. But its got all the things that I like. 1. it flows great. 2. its got some good tech stuff but it does not slow you down to much.. Unless of course you biff it.

I cant wait to have to drive to KC again for 15 mins of work so I can ride this trail again. Sounds like there is lots more to see. I cant wait.