Yep the gang is heading over to do the

I am sure it will not be the smartest thing I have ever done but it will hurt lots so that means its fun... Right? OH well its better then work I guess.

At first Smails was going to do a team even but once hearing that the rest of Team Spackler was doing the solo 6 he realized that his dick was pretty small and is now doing the solo 6 as well.

Side note.... Ok there are somethings I just cant stand. Yes I know you all are surprised that me your lovable Ty lets things get under his skin.. but it happens. So here is the situation. Say your on the top of a tall office building.. Your only goal at this point is to get out of said hell hole. You get in the elevator and press one. Of course on the next damn floor it stops. This of course is no big deal... after all you figure that they are running from this 7th layer of hell just like you.. BUT NO... They ride the damn thing for one floor.... ONE FLOOR... Are you telling me that in the 15 mins that you waited for the door to open you could now walk your HUGH government cheese eating ass down one flight of stairs..

I know that i am not the only one that feels this way because I can fell the seething hate come from the rest of the people in this steel yo-yo. But what are you going to do... get a shovel and a bag of lime.. thats what I say.. But at least I am not gelling


Bishop said...

I'm sure your refering to the underqualified, over paid lard asses that are stealing a paycheck. They were probably on their way down for their next helping of crispy cremes. I have some extra lime and a pick up if you need some assistance.

P.S. I got phelped in my first official crit.

I'm just trying to survive.....


James Nelson said...

How about a Team Spackler 6hr report?

Country Grammar said...

How about any kind of recent report???